Kate's Creative Ceramic Studio


Kate's Creative Ceramic Studio

Kate's Creative Ceramic Studio has been in business for 25 years in the small town of Albany VT. Owned by Kate Dion, it has become a successful local business.

Gargoyle Bronze look  $45.00 11''H same one

Garden Long Ears Bunny $45.00 10''L

Garden Lamb $50.00 10''H (2)

Indain Axe & Stand $40.00 16''L

Indain Boy&Pony $40.00    8''H

Indain planter $40.00 9''W Inside Glazed

Indain man Plaque $40.00 9''H

Fantasy Plaque Leafman $65.00 15''H

DoughBoy Candle Holder Glazed  11''H $65.00

Fantasy Unicorn Plaque-Hanger $30.00 8''H

Fantasy Sm.Dragon               7''H $30.00

Angel 10''H              $50.00

GargoyleStone look  $45.00 9''H

Garden Bunny $40.00 9''L

Garden puppy $50.00      10''L

Indain Arrowhead Ashtray-Dish $25.00 7''L Glazed

Indain Bear with baby  7''H  $30.00 Front

Indain Wolf Decanter $55.00 Glazed inside 9''H

Pheasant country  Plaque $75.00  18''H

Fantasy Girl Mask 9'' $30.00

Fantasy Unicorn Vase 8''H $25.00 Black Glazed

Fantasy Hydrocampus  10''H $55.00

Garden Fawn $50.00 12''Hx12''L

Indain Angel&Wolf $55.00 11''H

Indain Boy&Pony $40.00    8''H

Indain GirlPlaque $50.00 17''x12''

Indain Chief  Plaque   $50.00   18''hx12''w

Moose $50.00 12''Lx10''H

Baseball Bank 5''H  $25.00

Box Glazed Heart Box    7''W $30.00

Fantasy Castle Night Light    9''H  $45.00

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